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This Remote Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleanse WORKS!. . .so ACT Now!

"Do You Have Pathogens Causing Chronic Illness?
Herpes, Lyme Disease, Candida?"

Important: This FREE information I'm revealing today will show you:

  • Scalar Energy Disassembles Pathogens. 175,000 Pathogens! To disassemble a pathogen means to take it apart. It is simple and painless.

  • How 30 days of the Pathogenic cleanse, Nutrient therapy and Chakra Balance sessions can make a difference whether you have Herpes, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Candida, Strep, Arthritis, MRSA, Staph Infection, Flu, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Chronic Fatigue, or any kind of pathogen, virus or protozoal infestation. . .

  • How to have Health, Vitality, Lightness of Being.. . .

  • Remote healing can be done with your photograph. There is no need to leave home. Send your photo (recent or older) and I will help you get better. . .

  • Rejuvenate your immune system with healing scalar energy. . . no one else is doing this anywhere in the world - but thousands have tried it and gotten well!


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