Assembling and Disassembling Physical Matter

Scalar energy is responsible for assembling and disassembling physical matter in the universe: the universe achieves its geometry from scalar energy. In-phase angle scalar energy will assemble physical matter; whereas, reverse-phase angle scalar energy will disassemble physical matter. Physical matter in the universe is constantly being assembled and disassembled by scalar energy. All matter in the universe is assembled from ether and consequently disassembled back into ether. Ether is the medium of the universe, the fundamental substance that composes all matter.

There are two (2) energies in the universe: electromagnetic energy and scalar energy. All physical phenomenon in the universe can be attributed to either electromagnetic energy or scalar energy as these two energies have different properties and thus produce different effects.

Scalar energy is produced by the Sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the universe. Scalar energy for millennia has been recognized by different cultures throughout the world under various names such as: pyramid energy, torsion energy, prana, orgone energy, etheric energy, life force, logoital plasma, Ka, Om, eloptic energy, universal consciousness, numen, Creative Strength, radiant energy, and chi. Notwithstanding the recognition that scalar energy has achieved over the centuries, this primal force in nature remains poorly understood today.



I utilize in-phase angle scalar energy to assemble favorable, physical forms that are beneficial to human health. Scalar energy allows me to assemble vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals and fatty acids inside the human body directly from the elements that compose the body. For instance, scalar energy can be utilized in order to instruct the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen that compose the human body, to subsequently assemble in to the chemical composition, C6H8O6, which is the molecular formula for vitamin C, (ascorbic acid).

I utilize a magnified photograph of vitamin C in conjunction with a scalar energy instrument in order to assemble vitamin C (ascorbic acid) inside the human body. In practice, I place a magnified photograph of vitamin C into a scalar energy instrument and subsequently broadcast that specific in-phase angle harmonic of vitamin C into a person. Scalar energy is an intelligent energy and this informational input will serve to assemble carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in to the molecular form of vitamin C, C6H8O6. Subsequently, every cell of the human body will receive this informational input of scalar energy and thereby assemble vitamin C, thus assuring a well-balanced assimilation of essential nutrients throughout the body.



I also utilize reverse-phase angle scalar energy to disassemble unfavorable, physical forms that are harmful to human health. Scalar energy allows me to disassemble bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoan inside the human body, thereby reducing these pathogens to their elemental state. For instance, scalar energy can be utilized to disassemble the molecular structure of a pathogen such as Streptococcus pneumonia, in to elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.

I utilize a magnified photograph of Streptococcus pneumonia in conjunction with a scalar energy instrument in order to disassemble Streptococcus pneumonia inside the human body. In practice, I place a magnified photograph of Streptococcus pneumonia into a scalar energy instrument and subsequently broadcast that specific reverse-phase angle harmonic of Streptococcus pneumonia into a person. Accordingly, scalar energy will instruct Streptococcus pneumonia to disassemble in to its elemental forms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc. Once Streptococcus pneumonia has been disassembled and reduced to its elemental components, the causative agent of the infection has been effectively eliminated. Conclusively, the symptoms associated with Streptococcus pneumonia infection will attenuate over time and disappear altogether in many cases.

Scalar energy is, “one of the greatest creations,” from God the Father and must rightfully be acknowledged and embraced as such. One day soon, scalar energy will allow mankind to have mastery over physical matter as he once enjoyed in the Garden of Eden. Please help me to reinstate scalar energy, the “Creative Strength,” back to the human race. Thank you.

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  1. rollsthepaul says

    Our Earth is about to have a growth spurt resulting from scalar energy from our Sun. The matter is created from scalar energy at the core of the planet. All spherical celestial bodies grow. The Earth will increase in diameter by 5%, with the corresponding increase in mass and gravity.

    Earth will move a little further from the Sun, get a little colder and our year will be about 379 days. There are already plenty of beginnings such as increased earthquakes/volcanoes, increasing sinkholes and gas eruptions killing wildlife of all kinds. There will be three waves of global disasters, with multiple disasters in each wave. The disasters will start before June 1, 2013 and will extend into 2016 – 2018.

    If there were no steps taken, this would certainly result in an ELE on Earth. We are getting help to lessen the severity but not stop the process. This is why there are so many UFO sightings now; they are here to keep as many alive, as possible.

    The disasters will put an end to all world systems, which are psychopathic and evil to the core.
    Perhaps the most telling sign is Earth’s Schumann Resonance(SR). This was at 7.8 Hz for many thousands of years but started to rise about 1980 and it has now peaked at 13 Hz. The SR acts as a filter for souls and now that it is higher, lower consciousness souls will not be able to reincarnate on Earth any longer. About 85% of humans alive today are too low in consciousness, to reincarnate on Earth. Earth is literally being taken over by higher consciousness souls. TPTB and their minions are among the lower consciousness souls.

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